2nd place for Child Quilts

Marianne Hayes - You Can See By My

                    Outfit That I am a Cowboy

1st Place Decorative Quilt

Judith Schaffer - Abilene

1st place Block of the Month Winner

Ann McLean - Wild Colorado

2nd place for Holiday Quilt
Mary Mulholland - Friendship Holiday

1st place for Child's Quilt

Mary Mulholland - Completely Dotty 

2nd place for Bed Quilt

Mary Mulholland - Dresden Plate 

2nd place for Block of the Month

Marianne Hayes - Tripping Around

2nd place for 7-Up Challenge
Ann McLean - Theres One in Every Crowd

2016 Viewers Choice Voting Results
Congratulations to First Place Winners in Each Category

Quilt NameQuilted ByCategory
Christmas SamplerElizabeth JohnsonVintage
Scrap AppleJudith DicksonBed
Completely DottieMary MulhollandChild
AbileneJudith SchafferDecorative
Rail FenceTerry SchillingFirst Quilt
Raggedy SnowmanPaulie YoungHoliday
Wild ColoradoAnn McLeanSpecial BOM
OttersBetsy RedderSpecial 7-Up